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The words 'Welcome to the Writers' Corner' in a blue and purple design.

Creative Writing Programme blog page

Welcome to the Creative Writing Programme blog. We share regular writing tips and tricks from our tutors, reading recommendations, news about writing competitions and publication submission opportunities and success stories from your fellow CWP students and alumni. To stay up-to-date with the programme, subscribe to our newsletter.

FAQ’s about Creative Writing

FAQ’s on the Creative Writing Programme   On our FAQ's page our director responds to your most commonly asked questions about creative writing and the Creative Writing Programme.   Q) How much time will I need to spend studying if I take the Creative Writing...

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Is it worth getting qualified as a writer?

Is it worth getting qualified as a writer? If you’re an aspiring writer, should you do a degree, or an MA or MFA in creative writing?   There are now hundreds of creative writing courses, undergraduate degrees, MFA’s and MA’s being offered by American and English...

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What to expect from our courses

What to expect from a Creative Writing Course - The Creative Writing Programme As we get closer to the start of a new year of writing classes, we will be welcoming plenty of new writers to our programmes. Perhaps you’re still considering whether to take this step or...

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The other end of the tunnel

The other end of the tunnel If you’ve ever driven across Europe you’ve probably been through one of those long dark tunnels of flickering light, the ones that separate countries and pass through mountains. The dare in our family was to hold your breath and count....

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A bit of a funny story

A bit of a funny story I sat down this afternoon with the intention of updating this page, but possibly because I’d just had lunch, or possibly because it was a warm and sunny day, or possibly both, I couldn’t think where to start. The more I thought about it, the...

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