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Join a 2nd Year group on the Creative Writing Programme 2024-2025

Currently we have places available on:


The Creative Writing Programme (in-person) Tuesday mornings, 10am – 12.30pm

The Creative Writing Programme (blended) Tuesday evenings, 6.30pm – 9pm

The Creative Writing Pogramme (online) Wednesday mornings 10 – 12.30pm

(One year. One morning a week for 25 weeks per year)


We have one or two places available on our 2nd year groups on the Creative Writing Programme. You would be joining a group of writers who have already spent a year working together developing their work. If you have experience of working in writing groups or short courses at university level and have just started working on a novel or a collection of short stories, these courses will help you focus and develop your work in progress.

Overview of the Creative Writing Programme 2nd Year

In the 2nd year of the Creative Writing Programme you will learn about characterisation, dialogue and the ‘world of the story’, plot and story structure and you will explore the complex and dynamic relationship between your characters, your story and your reader. Throughout the year you will explore further aspects of narrative construction, including managing and researching longer narratives, ways of heightening tension and conflict and story resolution. You will be encouraged to read as a writer and will be shown ways in which you can develop and hone your critical and editing skills. In the writing workshops you will share, discuss and evaluate your work with the other writers in your writing group.

By the end the year you will have significantly increased your understanding of how to write good fiction, have developed a substantial body of work and have either finished your writing project or be in a position to bring it to completion.

The courses are delivered through weekly seminars in which you will develop your writing technique through practical exercises, readings, discussion of published work and group discussions led by your tutor on different aspects of the writing process. The courses are supported by an interactive learning site where you will have access to notes and summaries of seminars and exercises and a Writer’s Forum in which you can post your work, read the work of other writers in your group, share information about events and contact your tutor.

Over the course of the year as well as your classes, critical feedback from your tutor and one-to-one tutorials, you will have the option to attend occasional Weekend Schools and, at the end of the year, to discuss any finished manuscripts you have with a publishing professional.

The second year of the Creative Writing Programme can either be taken as a blended, in-person or online course. Blended courses are a 50/50 mix of in-person and online classes, which move online during the winter months from December to February. You will need a computer with a working camera, microphone and stable internet connection for the blended course.

What these courses will do for you

These courses will develop your confidence and ability as a writer. Through discussion and experimentation, in practical work guided by your tutor, you will learn how to improve the quality of your writing; develop your creative and critical skills; organise and manage your work and develop a strong individual style.

These are ideal courses for writers who are working on a novel or a collection of short stories and are looking for structure, encouragement and feedback to help them achieve this.

Jess’s perspective

‘I’d been secretly writing short stories for years but lacked the confidence to show anyone else my work. The creative writing programme is ideal for developing confidence – it’s a combination of giving and receiving feedback from peers, great tutors with fantastic writing exercises, knowledge of theory, technique, and the publishing industry. My tutor, encouraged me to send off stories in the first term, and as a result I ended up with seven short stories in print in different publications. By the end of the programme I had almost completed my novel Snake Ropes. Through the Agents and Publishers Day on the programme I met an agent who liked my work. I now have a two-book deal with Sceptre and Snake Ropes was published in May of this year.


If I’d been asked a couple of months before starting the course if I’d ever feel able to write a novel, I’d have said no. Doing the Creative Writing Programme really helped me to realise my potential.

Jess Richards, author of ‘Snake Ropes’ and ‘Cooking with Bones’


Course three: Story Structure

Autumn Term 2024

10 weekly writing seminars (Autumn Term), individual tutorial and Weekend Schools (Optional – December).

In this course you will explore a number of ‘classic’ plots and different approaches to narrative structure and consider the ways they can be utilised within different genres. You will consider the key turning points in the structure of a story; the importance of beginnings, middles and endings and transitional scenes in narrative; further ways of generating tension and conflict to create narrative drive and hold your reader’s attention; ways of focusing and connecting your writing to increase coherence and resonance and ways of managing the writing process so the narrative arc you create fully realises the story’s potential. You will also continue to make progress on your writing project and will give and receive criticism of your own and other’s work in progress. At the end of this term, you will submit work to your tutor for a written critical appraisal and will have a tutorial with them in January 2022.

Course four: Writing Workshops

Spring and Summer Terms 2025

15 weekly writing seminars, plus Weekend Schools and Publishing Day (Optional)

This part of the course is designed to offer you further insights into writing technique especially in the drafting and re-drafting of texts. It will focus on the structural editing of key scenes as well as developing your editing skills and appreciation of sentence and paragraph construction. In the second part of the course, the writing workshops, you will focus your attention on critical appraisal of the writing process, both on the level of prose and the level of story. In this final part of the programme there will be a series of writing workshops in which longer pieces of work, written by you and other writers in your group, will be read and discussed. At the end of the course you will have the opportunity to discuss your work and possible pathways to publication with visiting publishing professionals and will submit a final long piece of work to your tutor for written critical feedback.


Key Facts


The Kemptown Bookshop, 91 St George’s Rd, Kemptown, Brighton


Maximum group size 15

Term Dates

Autumn: 30th September – 13th  December (Reading Week 28th – 1st November)

Spring: 6th January – 28th March (Reading Week 17th – 21st February)

Summer: 28th April – 23rd May

(Optional additional classes)

Easter Holiday Masterclasses: 4th, 5th and 6th April (in-person). 12th and 13th April (online)

Summer Holiday Masterclasses: 13th, 14th and 15th June (in-person). 28th and 29th June (online)

Entry requirements

If you would like to join a second year course of the Creative Writing Programme, please contact the programme director, Cathy Hayward. You will need to be working on a writing project and have previous experience of working in writing groups at this level.


Programme tutors
  • Cathy Hayward (director), Rosie Chard, Dr Hannah Vincent, Bethan Roberts, Jacq Molloy, Tammye Huf, Laura Wilkinson, Holly Dawson, Lulah Ellender
Fee and Times:

Creative Writing Programme (In-person). Tuesday 10 – 12.30pm at Kemptown Bookshop.

Cost: £925+VAT (total £1,100) Students can also pay in instalments: £600 (half the course fees plus £50 admin fee) at the start of the autumn term and then £550 at the start of the spring term.

Creative Writing Programme (Blended). Tuesday 6.30 – 9pm at Kemptown Bookshop or online.

Cost: £875+VAT (total £1,050) Students can also pay in instalments: £575 (half the course fees plus £50 admin fee) at the start of the autumn term and then £525 at the start of the spring term.

Creative Writing Programme (Online). Wednesday 10 – 12.30pm. Online

Cost: £792+VAT(total £950) Students can also pay in instalments: £525 (half the course fees plus £50 admin fee) at the start of the autumn term and then £475 at the start of the spring term.

To apply: Please email the programme director outlining your writing experience to date, the courses you’ve attended, any relevant qualifications you may have and your reasons for wanting to join a second year group.
Cathy Hayward