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30th September, 2019

Welcome to all new students. We still have a few places left on our Advanced Writing Workshops, Writing Poetry course and on the second year of the Creative Writing Programme. If you would like to join the second year of the Creative Writing Programme and have experience of studying creative writing at university level, please contact our Programmme Director:

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For all other courses, please contact:

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New Courses for October 2020

Our popular two-year writing programmes in Creative Writing and in Autobiography and Life Writing, along with our Poetry and Dramatic Writing Programmes will be on offer from October 2020 in Brighton and Hastings. If you have some experience as a writer and are working on a book with the aim of getting it published, you can join one of our Advanced Writing Workshops in Brighton and Hastings that will offer you a critical and supportive audience for your work in progress. All our classes are run by experienced tutors.

Look out for our Taster Events in June and September in Brighton and Hastings. If you would like to reserve a place or make enquiries about our courses you can do so by contacting:

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Please click on the 'Our Courses' tab to read outline information on our courses starting in October 2019 (This information will be updated for 2020 shortly). If you would like to receive information and updates from the Creative Writing Programme you can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.


Who We Are

In 2012, after establishing itself as one of the leading creative writing programmes in the South East, The Creative Writing Programme (CWP) moved out of the University of Sussex and into The Writers’ Place in Brighton. Since then we have been developing our popular courses and programmes and have expanded the number of venues to include Hastings.

Our Philosophy

At a time when the cost of higher education has made university level study an expensive luxury, our programmes offer a practical course of study, equivalent to university level, at an affordable price.

Our innovative approach to teaching focuses on individual creativity and on teaching writing skills within the context of the creative process. Through a practical course of study designed to teach you how to build and structure narrative, our team of experienced tutors will help you develop your potential as a writer. 

Not only will you learn a great deal on the programme, you will become part of an expanding writing community. You will find The Writers’ Place an important hub, connecting you to lectures, competitions and literary events in the South East.

Many writers who have come through The Creative Writing Programme have gone on to publication or have been nominated for awards, including the Booker and the Costa Prize. Some writers go on to pursue writing as a career, others are satisfied with being able to write well and appreciate good literature. Whether you want to write professionally or for pleasure, our programmes and courses will take your writing to the next level.

Hannah Vincent wrote her second novel The Weaning, published by Salt in February, as a study of autobiographic practice as part of her doctoral studies. The story revolves around Bobbi, a childminder with a child-shaped hole in her life. When troubled young couple, Kim and Connor, are battling with social services to keep their baby, Bobbi arrives to help them solve all their problems ... The story perfectly balances compulsive engagement with dark storytelling.

Hannah tutors on the Autobiography and Life Writing Programme

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Rosie Chard’s third novel, The Eavesdroppers, will be published by NeWest Press on September 1st 2018

When social attitudes researcher Bill Harcourt puts an advertisement in the newspaper for ‘listeners’ to work on an unconventional research project, he anticipates that his team of eavesdroppers will discover previously untapped insights into public opinion.

But as five eager listeners start eavesdropping in the cafes, dentist waiting rooms, public toilets, tube trains and launderettes of London, discretely noting the details of unguarded conversations, Bill starts to notice subtle changes in their behavior and realizes he has underestimated the compulsive nature of his group.

Informed by conversations collected over three years The Eavesdroppers is a dark, yet wryly humorous tale of present-day Londoners, living in a constant state of noise and crowds, and eavesdroppers.

Noel O'Reilly's debut novel 'Wrecker' will be published by Harper Collins in July.

Set in a remote Cornish village in the 1800s, against a background of a world steeped in fear and superstition, where not conforming is the worst of crimes, Wrecker, tells the story of Mary Blight, a woman ahead of her time, vibrant, wily and cunning, who loots the corpses washed up from shipwrecks. Noel is a writer, editor and musician who lives in Brighton. He spent three years on our Advanced Writing Workshops working on his novel.

'The support and feedback of the tutors and the other writers in the workshops was critical for getting my first novel pubished. I'd strongly recommend it to any aspiring novelist who wants to develop their craft' - Noel O'Reilly

Ruth Figgest's sharply observed and darkly comic tale tells the story of a mother and daughter against the backdrop of sweeping social change. Feisty and argumentative, the two women inflict their expectations on each other, rolling with the punches, growing older together until their relationship has formed a deep indefinable bond between them.

Ruth is an alumni of the Creative Writing Programme. Magnetism, her first novel, was published by Myriad in March

Written with cool-eyed precision, Martin Nathan's first novel tells the story of a boy who exiles himself from his family through a shocking act of violence. When he returns seeking reconciliation, things go from bad to worse. Martin worked on the novel whilst attending one of our Advanced Writing Workshops. A Place of Safety will be published by Salt on June 15th.

Lizzie (Elizabeth) Enfield's fourth novel, Ivy and Abe, was published by Michael Joseph in 2018. 

Ivy and Abe are soulmates, destined to meet at some point in their lives, but when is the RIGHT time? At school, as free spirits in their twenties, when they are both married… to other people or as widow and widower in their seventies?And what if they meet at the WRONG time and fate and circumstance stand in their way?Told over Ivy’s lifetime, across a series of alternate realities, Ivy & Abe is a story for anyone who has ever wondered ‘what if?’ 

Lizzie tutors on the Creative Writing Programme.


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