Our approach to teaching creative writing is fundamentally different from that of the majority of creative writing courses in Higher Education that mix conventional critical and theoretical approaches to the study of literary texts with short modules in creative writing. At the core of our teaching strategy is the belief that creative writing requires a similar educational approach to that used in other areas of the arts. Our focus therefore is primarily on the process of composition and our aim, through carefully designed writing exercises is to introduce you to the techniques and skills required to craft narrative fiction whilst making you more aware of your own individual creativity. We recognise the importance, alongside intellectual and critical skills, of the role of body, the emotions and intuition in creative composition and draw on the wider reading and discussion of published fiction, writers on writing and relevant theory to support this holistic approach.

Our programmes and courses cover prose fiction (the novel and the short story), poetry and dramatic writing (stage and screen). These initial programmes are designed to teach you the essential skills required to work in these particular forms. After completing these programmes, when you have started to prepare work for publication of performance, you can join our Advanced Writing Workshops and work alongside practicing and published writers.

As a writer on one of our programmes or courses, you will work closely with your tutors and a small group of other writers and your ongoing work will be supported through notes, summaries and references to further reading on our website course pages.

You will be encouraged, through exploration, experimentation, discussion and wider reading, to understand the structure of the form you are working in and your own creative process; to identify your own personal themes and to find ways of expressing these ideas to a modern audience.



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