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Mentoring for Writers

The Creative Writing Programme offers mentoring for writers. If you are unable to make the weekly commitment to the Writing Programme you may want to use our mentoring service. Individual mentoring will allow you to submit prose or poetry (anything from 100 lines of poetry to a full prose manuscript) to one of our writing tutors. You will receive detailed written feedback and/or one to one discussion.

As well as the written feedback, in your follow-up meeting you will be given a critical appraisal of your work and suggestions to help develop it further. This will include responses to specific questions you may raise about the writing process plus suggestions for plotting, organising and researching, along with tips and structured exercises to help you develop characterisation, conflict and narrative drive.  You will also be given help with the more subtle aspects of the writing process like theme, structural metaphor and symbolism. You’ll also get plenty of sound advice and positive encouragement.

Your work will be closely edited and annotated before it is returned to you. This feedback will contain explanations and clarification of all comments made.

Please contact our director for further information: mark.slater@creativewritingprogramme.org.uk


Fees for individual mentoring:


1,000 words, written feedback and an hour’s discussion time with one of our tutors: £100
5,000 words, written feedback and an hour’s discussion time with one of our tutors: £200

10,000 words, written feedback and an hour and a half’s discussion time with one of our tutors: £300


100 lines and an hour’s discussion time: £100

200 lines and an hour’s discussion time: £200

Poetry and Prose:

One hour meeting with no advanced reading £50

If you would like a full manuscript read we will suggest a fee based on the word count and the amount of time you would like to spend working with your mentor.