Pace is a fundamental element of writing. When you read something well-paced, you just somehow know, because you’re pulled into the story and time passes quickly. On the other hand, you can feel the drag of it when something isn’t well-paced.  But pace is rather elusive. What actually is it, and how can you improve it in your own story?

Pace operates at every level of a piece of writing, from individual sentences to the whole book. As writers we need to be aware of when something we’ve written needs slowing down and lingering over, and when it needs speeding up. We often use pace instinctively, which is great when it works; when it doesn’t, we need to figure out why, and what to do about it.

Next week we’re running a practical workshop which will break pace down and explore techniques for using it more effectively in our writing: from sentence to paragraph to scene, and beyond.

The session will be held on Saturday 9th March 2024 at the Jubilee Library in Brighton and will run from 10-4pm with an hour for lunch. The venue is wheelchair accessible, near the train station and bus routes and with plenty of options for lunch. Book your ticket here.

The workshop will be run by Beth Miller. Beth is the author of six novels, including the bestselling The Missing Letters of Mrs Bright (2020). Her most recent novel, The Woman Who Came Back to Life (2022), will be published in seven languages. She has also published two non-fiction books about Shakespeare and the Archers. She is a Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Brighton University, a Subject Tutor on the Creative Writing MA at West Dean College, and a regular tutor for Arvon. She works as a writing mentor and book coach for writers at all stagesShe has a PhD in Psychology. Book your ticket to the pace workshop here.

This one-day masterclass sits alongside three others:
Friday 8th March – Objects and Detail – Mick Jackson. 10-4pm at Jubilee Library, Brighton
Sunday 10th March – Character and Conflict – Ruth Figgest. 11-5pm at Jubilee Library, Brighton
Saturday 16th March – The Genius of Place – Rosie Chard. 10-4pm. Online

The in-person masterclasses are £50 each while the online workshop is £40. Places are limited to 15 for in-person workshops and 12 online.