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Advanced Poetry Workshops (Blended) 2021-2022

(Blended creative writing poetry workshops. 20 weeks, one afternoon per week)

This higher-level course has been designed for writers with prior experience of working in poetry groups, published poets or writers who have attended poetry writing courses as part of Higher Education courses and who would like to continue exploring their professional practice, writing technique and style in practical writing sessions.

Why blended learning?

Work patterns and learning patterns are changing. To accommodate this new reality, we have developed a new blended learning structure for our two-year programme. The online environment is a great medium for delivering ideas and structured discussion, but it’s much easier to socialise if you’re sitting in the same room, so we’ve created a course of study that does both. You’ll spend the first three weeks of each academic year meeting up in person, then switch to online learning for the rest of term and meet up for the final week before Xmas and the first and last week of the Spring Term. This way we make the most of what online learning has to offer, get to know each other individually, understand the importance of working as a group, avoid going out on dark wintery days and reduce our carbon footprint. We think that’s a positive change!


The programme is delivered through weekly seminars which run for two and a half hours. Your face to face classes will take place in our teaching space in Brighton and you will access your online classes through your course page. For an online class, you simply click on the link on your course page to join your tutor and the other writers in the online classroom.

The group will meet weekly to explore and discuss aspects of poetic technique or to review work in progress. Each seminar runs for two and a half hours. These sessions will be facilitated and run by the writing tutor. There will be opportunities for poets to present work, ideas and practical exercises and to suggest topics for discussion, should they so wish. The emphasis will be on practical writing in the class as well as critiquing work in progress. Between meetings, you will be able to share work and raise questions around writing technique with other writers in the group through the interactive webpage for the course.

In the event of a resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic and/or any restrictions on social gatherings, courses will be taught via Zoom (our video conferencing platform) for the duration of the restrictions.

Key Facts

Programme length

One year in 20 taught sessions (2½ hours per session)

Autumn Term: Weeks 1-3 face-to-face, Weeks 4-9 online, Week 10 face-to-face

Spring Term: Week 11 face-to-face, Weeks 12-19 online, Week 20 face-to-face


Autumn: 4th October – 17th December (Reading Week 25th – 29th October)

Spring: 10th January – 25th March (Reading Week 14th – 18th February)

Meeting times

Wednesdays 1pm – 3.30pm


The Phoenix, 10-14 Waterloo Place, Brighton, BN2 9NB

Entry requirements

Writers with prior experience of working in poetry groups, published poets or writers who have attended poetry writing courses as part of Higher Education courses.

Programme Director: Dr Mark Slater
Course tutor: Verity Spott

£500 per annum

Fees can be paid in full or in instalments at the beginning of each term. Please note, there is a small additional admin charge if you pay per term

Autumn Term: £260

Spring Term: £260

To enrol

Choose one of the options in the links at the bottom of this page and click on it

Please ensure that you have read our Terms and Conditions. For further information on this course or our other programmes contact

Mark Slater