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Advanced Writing Workshops (Online) 2021-2022

(Online Learning. Monthly from October 2021 to July 2022)


This higher-level course has been designed for writers who have completed either the Creative Writing Programme, an undergraduate or a masters programme in creative writing, or who have work in progress and can show they are capable of working at this advanced level.

The aim of this course is to provide a forum for writers who are committed to finishing novels or collections of short stories and who are looking for a critical and supportive audience for their work in progress. It also acts as a place where writers can meet regularly to discuss the creative process, share their enthusiasm for literature, swap information on publishing and inspire and energise each other.

The move to online learning

The technology is now available for us to move confidently into online learning. Video conferencing allows us to maintain the interactive element we feel is crucial to successful teaching. We have discovered that in many areas it offers effective approaches to teaching beyond those available in the traditional classroom. We are also excited at the prospect of working with writers from more diverse backgrounds both geographically and culturally.

In the week before the beginning of your course you will be invited to attend a Zoom familiarisation session if you have not taken an online course before.

Use of email and computers

It is now a standard requirement that writers on writing programmes use computers for communication and the production of work. This has become more important now that online learning is being used more extensively. Writers should ensure that they have access to a desktop computer with a video camera and good internet connection.

Your online learning space

Each writing group on the Creative Writing Programme has its own course page on our website. Once logged in to your course page you will have access to a Writer’s Forum where you can share your work and chat with other writers in your group.

How are seminars structured?

The programme is delivered through monthly seminars which run for three hours. To join your online class, you simply click on the link on your course page and the online classroom will open up. On your screen you will see your tutor and the other writers in the online classroom.

Course Overview

Every month your group will meet to workshop work in progress and discuss and explore aspects of writing technique. The three-hour session will consist of group workshops, with three members submitting 5,000 words for constructive feedback each month, along with discussion and practical exercises, chosen by your tutor, on aspects of technique that have emerged during the workshopping process. The focus of the workshops will be on critiquing and discussing work in progress, particularly on the coherence and integrity of plot, structure and characterisation. As well as the opportunity to workshop longer pieces of work you will also have the opportunity to submit three extracts of 2,000 words of work in progress directly to your tutor for feedback and guidance. You will be encouraged to be supportive and critical readers of each other’s work. Between meetings, you will be able to share work, information about events and books and raise questions about writing technique with other writers in the group through the interactive webpage for the course on the Creative Writing Programme website

In May of each year the Creative Writing Programme runs a Publishing Day, where you can explore routes into publishing for fiction, creative non-fiction and short stories. If you are working towards publication or seeking representation for a finished manuscript, Publishing Day is open to all students on the Creative Writing Programme. Fee for Publishing Day plus a one to one consultation: £50.



Key Facts

Programme Length

One year in monthly sessions (3 hours), starting in October 2021


Sundays 10am – 1pm

Term Dates

10 Oct, 14 Nov, 12 Dec, 9 Jan, 13 Feb, 13 Mar, 10 Apr, 8 May, 12 Jun, 10 July

Entry requirements

Alumni of Creative Writing Programme, or writers who have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate programme of study in creative writing, or have had fiction published, or can show evidence that they have work in progress and that they are capable of working at this level. Writers will need to submit a 2000-word extract from work in progress (with a short synopsis where necessary), along with a covering letter that identifies relevant experience of working in writing groups, lists any publications and offers a brief outline of their writing project.

This information should be emailed or sent to the Programme Director (Subject line: Application for Advanced Writing Workshop) at: mark.slater@creativewritingprogramme.org.uk

Programme team
Dr Mark Slater (director), Laura Wilkinson, Hannah Vincent

£500 per annum.

International students, please note, fees must be paid in GB pounds

If you have a finished manuscript by Publishing Day (May 2022) that you are seeking representation for you will have an opportunity to discuss your work with publishing professionals on Publishing Day. The additional fee for script consultation is £50

You will be sent a link to our enrolment page after your application to the Workshop has been processed


Please ensure that you have read our Terms and Conditions. For further information on this course or our other programmes contact

Mark Slater