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Writing Poetry 2021-2022

CWP in collaboration with New Writing South

This course has been created to enhance your knowledge and use of a range of poetic techniques such as compression, imagery, texture, line breaks, traditional forms, rhyme and metre.

Within an organized structure you will consider practical aspects of poetic technique, exploring them through your own writing in class. You will be encouraged to share your own poetry (up to 50 lines) with your tutor and fellow writers for supportive and constructive feedback .

You will be encouraged to experiment with different forms, styles and subject matter, and a key part of the course is honing your critical and editing skills. In the workshops, you will share, discuss and evaluate your work with the other poets in your group. By the end the programme you will have significantly increased your understanding of how to write good poetry and have developed a substantial body of work.

You will distribute your work through the Writing Poetry page on the Creative Writing Programme website so the group can read your work before the weekly session. This will allow you to receive constructive and detailed feedback and a range of critical and supportive comments on your work from other members of the writing group and your tutor. You will be expected to hand in poetry of up to 100 lines at the end of the course. This work will be read by the tutor, annotated and returned with comments. In addition, each week we will study and learn writing strategies by looking at both twentieth century and contemporary poets.

What this course will do for you

This course will boost your skills as a poet in a friendly environment. It is suited to both new and more experienced writers. In practical work guided by your tutor, you will explore the effects of techniques in published poetry and learn how to strengthen your own poetry through an understanding of craft. You will develop your creative and critical skills; organise and manage your work and develop a strong individual style.

What is required of me?

You will need to be able to make a six-month commitment. Over these six months you will need to organise a minimum of six hours per week for reading and the development of writing activities and exercises: this includes seminar time, writing time and reading time. You will also need to have access to a computer with email and an internet connection as the programme uses an internet learning site to allow students to keep in touch outside of the taught sessions. Reading, writing and researching exercises will be regularly set outside of seminar time.

How are seminars structured?

Each weekly writing seminar runs for two hours. Seminars will include a mix of discussion of work you have written whilst on the course and the discussion of published texts, group work, tutor led feedback and taught sessions.



Key Facts

Programme Length

20 sessions



Term Dates


Entry requirements

No formal qualifications required

Programme tutor

Verity Spott


£350 (Fee can be paid in full or in two instalments) 

All tutors on the Creative Writing Programme have experience of teaching online and we have a secure and stable system for providing this service built into our website. You will need to ensure you have access to a computer/laptop connected to the internet with a video camera (most modern computers have one built in).

If we do need to move teaching to Zoom, you will be given a simple step by step guide to accessing the Zoom platform and advice and support from our tutors and IT staff. Moving classes online will not have any significant effect on the structure or content of your class.


For further information on this course or our other programmes contact

Mark Slater