The Call – an unputdownable thriller. PD Viner, Canelo Hero 2022.

The Call is a high octane read, an unputdownable thriller in which In a frantic late-night phone call, Ben learns his wife, Mia, has killed a man. And she needs his help. When Ben arrives at Mia’s hotel room, the scene is horrific – but over the course of the night it will get much worse… All their secrets will be uncovered, and they will discover how far they’ll go to protect themselves and each other… will they kill for love? Or will they die for it? One phone call. Twelve hours to save their marriage. And their lives.

Phillip was on the CWP 2010/11 and spent his second year writing the novel that would be published in 2013 – The Last Winter of Dani Lancing. Since then he’s published 2 novels and 2 novellas as well as short stories. He’s worked on A Warner Bros/Showtime TV series of the first novel and an ITV/Festival show.


P. D. Viner The Call is a high-octane read. A totally unputdownable thriller. It’s out in May. More info at pdviner.com


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