Wrecker book cover

Noel O’Reilly’s debut novel Wrecker was published by Harper Collins in July 2019.

Set in a remote Cornish village in the 1800s, against a background of a world steeped in fear and superstition, where not conforming is the worst of crimes, Wrecker, tells the story of Mary Blight, a woman ahead of her time, vibrant, wily and cunning, who loots the corpses washed up from shipwrecks. Noel is a writer, editor and musician who lives in Brighton. He spent three years on our Advanced Writing Workshops working on his novel. ‘The support and feedback of the tutors and the other writers in the workshops was critical for getting my first novel pubished. I’d strongly recommend it to any aspiring novelist who wants to develop their craft’ – Noel O’Reilly