About The Creative Writing Programme.

In 2012, after establishing itself as one of the leading creative writing programmes in the South East, The Creative Writing Programme (CWP) moved out of the University of Sussex and into The Writers’ Place in Brighton. Since then we have been developing our popular courses and programmes and have expanded the number of venues to include Hastings.

Our Philosophy

At a time when the cost of higher education has made university level study an expensive luxury, our programmes offer a practical course of study, equivalent to university level, at an affordable price.

Our innovative approach to teaching focuses on individual creativity and on teaching writing skills within the context of the creative process. Through a practical course of study designed to teach you how to build and structure narrative, our team of experienced tutors will help you develop your potential as a writer.

Not only will you learn a great deal on the programme, you will become part of an expanding writing community. You will find The Writers’ Place an important hub, connecting you to lectures, competitions and literary events in the South East.

Many writers who have come through The Creative Writing Programme have gone on to publication or have been nominated for awards, including the Booker and the Costa Prize. Some writers go on to pursue writing as a career, others are satisfied with being able to write well and appreciate good literature. Whether you want to write professionally or for pleasure, our programmes and courses will take your writing to the next level.

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New Courses for October 2020

This year, as well as the two-year Creative Writing and Creative Non-Fiction programmes taught from our centres in Brighton and Hastings, we are offering our popular Creative Writing and Dramatic Writing Programmes ONLINE.

Other sought after courses include Writing Poetry and the Advanced Workshops (Prose or Poetry). If you are working on a book with the aim of getting published, you can join one of our Advanced Writing Workshops in Brighton that will offer you a critical and supportive audience for your work in progress. All our classes are run by experienced tutors.

Look out for our Online Taster Events in July, August and September.

Creative Writing and Creative Non-Fiction, 18th July

Dramatic Writing Programme (online), 26th August

Creative Writing and Creative Non-Fiction, 5th September

Enrolments will open in May, 2020. Classes start in October. If you would like to make any enquiries about our courses you can do so by contacting:



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