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The Creative Writing Programme is one of the leading centres for creative writing in the UK. After moving out of the University of Sussex it has established a reputation for excellence in Brighton and the South East.

Our Approach to teaching creative writing

At a time when the cost of higher education has made university study an expensive luxury, our programmes offer a practical course of study, taught at university level, at an affordable price.

Our innovative approach to teaching focuses on individual creativity and on teaching writing skills within the context of the creative process. Through a practical course of study designed to teach you how to build and structure narrative, our team of experienced writing tutors will help you develop your creative potential.

Blended creative writing courses

Work patterns and learning patterns are changing. To accommodate this new reality, we developed a new blended learning structure for our two-year programme. Our blended courses, aimed at local writers in the South East, are a mix of online and in person teaching, with classes taught from the Phoenix Art Space in Brighton in early autumn and summer and online during the winter.

You’ll spend the first three weeks of each academic year meeting up in person, then switch to online learning for the rest of term, meeting up for the final week before and the first week after Xmas. After the Easter break you will meet up as a group for the summer term. This way we make the most of what online learning has to offer, get to know each other, work together as a group, avoid travel over the winter months, stay safe whilst Covid lurks and reduce our carbon footprint. We think that’s a positive.


Online creative writing courses

Our online teaching uses the Zoom video conferencing platform and our online creative writing courses bring together writing students from across the UK and the world. We have experience of teaching distance learning courses and have spent time researching and developing new approaches to teaching creative writing online. We’re excited about the potential of video conferencing as a teaching tool. Video conferencing allows us to maintain the interactive element we feel is crucial to successful teaching and have discovered that in many areas it offers effective approaches to teaching beyond those available in the traditional classroom. In an ever-shrinking world we believe our online writing groups offer a rich cultural and creative experience for developing writers.

On one of our online courses you will be able to stay in touch with other writers in your group, communicating through a dedicated course page on our website and meeting up outside seminar times on Zoom to get to know each other. You will click on a link on your online course page to access your online classroom where you’ll meet as a group once a week for virtual, face to face sessions led by your creative writing tutor. For anyone new to online learning we will be offering Zoom training sessions prior to course commencing.



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New Creative Writing Courses for October 2021


Our Courses for 2021-2022 have now started



We have a limited number of places on our courses starting in January. If you are keen to join one of our two-year programmes in Creative Writing or Creative Non-Fiction and you have some experience of working in writing groups and/or attending short courses or Higher Education courses in creative writing, then you may be eligible to join a first year group in term 2 (Spring/Summer 2022).

If you would like to find out more, please, contact

Dr Mark Slater

Click on the links below to find out more about individual courses. Booking and enrolment will begin again in April 2022.

Our two-year, part-time creative writing programmes:

The next start date for our two-year programmes and one-year workshops is October 2022

Creative Writing Programme (Blended)  
Creative Writing Programme (Online) 
Creative Non-Fiction Programme (Online) 

Our one-year workshops for more experienced writers:

Advanced Writing Workshop (Face to face) 
Advanced Poetry Workshop (Online)


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